As a financial expert I thought I knew what was best with all things to do with money, but when I went to send money online for the first time, I found myself stumped by the plethora of options to choose from.

Rather than going for the most heavily advertised options and the big names like Paypal, I put a little research into finding the best services. I've used Paypal to receive payments in the past but found them a little difficult to deal with when something goes wrong (as it does all too often, unfortunately).

Knowing that there is always a better option out there, I looked through as many websites and articles as I could  before I came to the conclusion that the most commonly heard of and used companies, like Paypal or Skrill, are giving customers their service at a very high cost compared to some of the new up-and-comers who are shaking up the industry.

There is actually quite a few websites out there that would let me send money online, but they were all offering roughly the same thing - some less and some more.

I quickly learned that people who tend to send their money transfers via traditional banks are getting taken for a ride, both on fees and the exchange rates they're changing their money at.

After a long search through the different companies and what they had to offer I found myself deciding between three of the relative newcomers to the market (at least compared to Paypal, although they've both been around for years now) - OrbitRemit, WorldRemit and Transferwise.

They were all offering great rates and both Transferwise and OrbitRemit appear to have very professional customer service (I marked WorldRemit down a few points in this respect).

OrbitRemit has a great website ( with very clear steps throughout the whole process. They allowed me to see the transfer rates and all charges to be made before I pressed send, so there were no unexpected charges or hidden fees of any sort.

The transfer was processed quickly (with 48 hours) and I got a transfer confirmation email from them right away.